Online Education in Today’s Digital Age – New Fields to Explore

There are many reasons why online education programs are becoming more popular these days. Students are actively choosing online courses instead of the equivalent offline programs because online courses are more flexible. Today’s best online courses are also more capable – and more up-to-date – of keeping up with market demands. In a recent study by Bradley University, the increasing demand for better healthcare personnel is being met by the best DNP executive leadership programs conducted online.

Nursing is a particularly interesting field to get into. BSN to DNP online programs are fully accredited, which means students can get the skills and degree they need to build a strong career as a nursing practitioner. Top universities, including Bradley University, are also making their MSN to DNP online programs accessible to more students.

You can learn more about nurse practitioner programs and the increasing demand for NPs from the full infographic below.

Nurse Practitioners: Improving Quality of Care and Saving Costs is an infographic by Bradley University.

Nurse practitioners improving quality of care and saving costs


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